How to present your content in an innovative way? How to surprise your clients? How to engage their interest? These are some of commonly asked questions that that loom large to managers, coaches and directors.

A Magic Carpet sounds like a great answer and solution to this issue. It is the first Polish interactive floor that enables a range of activities, starting with games and motion activities, finishing with trainings and the possibility to present individually selected content. “Magic” is created by the picture displayed form the overhead projector on the floor, table or the wall and it is movement sensitive.

Any work with a Magic Carpet gives the possibility to engage the recipient in the presented content. This innovative way of controlling the movement itself gives a Magic Carpet the advantage over classic multimedia presentations.

A Magic Carpet is a simple and easy-to-mount device: a small box that we fix under the ceiling has a built-in computer, projector and is supported with just a remote control. A rich set of interactive games and motion activities is provided with the device. They can be used independently or in an automatic mode.

A Magic Carpet is universal, it can work in virtually every room and with any illumination. The size of a displayed picture depends only on the height of the room (the higher the room and mounting is, the bigger picture is displayed). No additional structures are required, and all mounting devices and a mounting handle are provided with the device. It is also easy to relocate the device if necessary.

A Magic Carpet is a Polish product and corresponds to financial possibilities of yours.  It is lease available, as well as it can be purchased by instalments.

A Magic Carpet can also be a useful tool for trainings and coaching, as well as in advertising. In case of organising courses, trainings, fairs, business meetings and others, you can present any content you wish and take all your clients by surprise. If the device is connected to the Internet, all the process can be conducted remotely, without engaging any third party.