I am bored… These are the words commonly expressed by children. In consequence, they receive a tablet, or access to a computer to provide them some entertainment, at the same time hoping they will learn a thing or two.

A question that immediately arises is: what with a physical activity? We cannot have all in one, can’t we? Can’t we…? Are you certain…?

A Magic Carpet – the first Polish interactive floor serves as a solution. It enables to join and engage physical activity of a regular game with a magic of computer games and education of different areas of knowledge.

It stimulates and invigorates the cognitive curiosity and provides pleasure of time spent together. As opposed to a tablet or a computer, several people can participate in activities simultaneously. All the games available with a Magic Carpet develop a reaction rate, children’s motility, aural-visual coordination, perception, and primarily they are interesting and challenging.

A Magic Carpet is a simple and easy-to-mount device: a small box that we fix under the ceiling has a built-in computer, projector and is supported with just a remote control. A rich set of interactive games and motion activities is provided with the device. They can be used independently or in an automatic mode.

A Magic Carpet is universal, it can work in virtually every room and with any illumination. The size of a displayed picture depends only on the height of the room (the higher the room and mounting is, the bigger picture is displayed). No additional structures are required, and all mounting devices and a mounting handle are provided with the device. It is also easy to relocate the device if necessary.

A Magic Carpet is a Polish product and corresponds to financial possibilities of yours. It is available for lease, as well as can be purchased by instalments.

A Magic Carpet can also be a useful tool in advertising. In case of the organisation of wedding receptions, parties, business meetings and others, you can order the appropriate content according to your liking and take all your visitors or partners and clients by surprise. If the device is connected to the Internet, all the process can be conducted remotely, without engaging other staff.