A Funtronic Floor as the multimedia-based innovation in education.

Don’t force children to be active, let’s unleash their activeness, don’t force them to think, let’s create and enhance conditions for their thinking…

Janusz Korczak

Using interactive tools has become an indispensible element of the teaching process in the XXI century. Multimedia joins several forms of communication and tradition that interpenetrate each other, like pictures, graphs, texts, animations, music and video. Not only is a Funtronic Floor an interactive floor linking multimedia with activeness, but foremostly it is a useful educational aid that offers a wide range of games, quizzes and arranged educational situations directed at contributing to psychomotor development of children, providing to the Core Curriculum of kindergarten education and general education.

Safety – a Funtronic Floor, as the only Polish device of its type, meets all safety requirements in the lack of employing any elements that can be potentially hazardous for children using the interactive floor, like movable guides and mirrors, overhung cables and wires.

The technological process is provided with ISO 9001. A Funtronic Floor is provided with the guarantee of 2 years or 4000 working hours, whichever comes first.

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A Funtronic Floor as an interactive projection tool that is simultaneously an interactive floor and table give a wide range of possibilities of its use in diverse spaces and areas.

The fusion of fun, education, and rehabilitation based on the MOVE proves to be an ideal solution in all didactic, therapeutic, and social areas:

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Education through movement

Movement is the key to intellectual and emotional development of a child.
A Funtronic Floor is exactly education through movement, by using hands, legs and feet, and others, this being done not only on the enchanted floor. A Funtronic Floor is integrated with a set of almost 200 exercises, games and motion activities, designed for children of preschool and school education.

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Lessons plans

Below we present samples of exercises and games that we ourselves do use with our work with children using a Magic Floor. They have been created for our own use. They can be freely and unhamperedly modified according to ones’ needs.

A Funtronic Floor contains many more useful games and applications for a class use. We wish you successful and fulfilling classes!

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Utilising multimedia outstandingly enhances the learning process of foreign languages, especially in the education of young children. By games and fun, children acquire the skills of listening and understanding of a spoken language, and memorise words in English.

English Package is a multimedia application designed to teach English through play and movement.

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OECD report

According to an OECD report “Students, computer and learning: making the connection.” published 15th September 2015, the use of computers in class does not benefit the absorption of knowledge by students. All the research in the aforementioned area has been conducted throughout the world. The conclusions of the report highlight that students of Western European countries spend the most time in front of the computer screen during classes, alas it does not translate into more effective learning in comparison to their age-mates from Asia, where technologies have not been introduced into schools.

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Multimedia Clubhouse

Being the place that connects education and fun, a clubhouse is an ideal location for a Funtronic Floor. It will make all activities more attractive and will introduce multimedia to games, allowing children to have an interaction with their peers.

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Funtronic Floor in Happy Days Kindergarten in Poland
Set of games for learning English FUNTRONIC

Funtronic Method

Funtronic Method is a method which strengthens other eduational methods through usage of new technologies in connection with traditional educational methods of teachning. Funtronic Method uses natural need for fun and “right effect” in learning which means that it strengthens positive impact after completing the task. The method assumes directing attention of child to educational content through stimulating the senses of sight, hearning and system of praise (by sounds and pictures).

Funtronic Method may be used when working with children with special needs. Sets of games include content in line with the core curriculum so they can support teachers with children in different age.

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