English language

Utilising multimedia outstandingly enhances the learning process of foreign languages, especially in the education of young children. By games and fun, children acquire the skills of listening and understanding of a spoken language, and memorise words in English.

Package Funtronic Edu 9 is a multimedia application designed to teach English through play and movement.


  • Crazy Alphabet
    Jump on the selected field and listen to the name of the object in English. Memorize it because in the next level you will have the opportunity to check your knowledge.
  • Merry go round
    Vegetables, fruits, drinks and… a little surprise. Spin the carousel nad observe which category you choose. When you hear and English name of the word, pick the correct picture. If your answer is correct you will hear this word again  Spin the carousel again to find out the new words.
  • English for fun
    Have fun and learn English at the same time. Stand at the “Start” and let’s begin the game. The reader says the name of the object in the picture. You have to tap or stand on the correct one. In the next level counts the time and you can check how much you know so far.
  • Riddle Mix
    Check your relex and memory collecting a basket with objects and the reader will read it for you correctly in English. Remember names of the objects. In the next level you will check how much you already know.