OECD report

According to an OECD report “Students, computer and learning: making the connection.” published 15th September 2015, the use of computers in class does not benefit the absorption of knowledge by students. All the research in the aforementioned area has been conducted throughout the world. The conclusions of the report highlight that students of Western European countries spend the most time in front of the computer screen during classes, alas it does not translate into more effective learning in comparison to their age-mates from Asia, where technologies have not been introduced into schools.

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While designing a Magic Carpet, teachers have been considered vastly. They have a chance to introduce knowledge in an innovative and divers way. Teachers can utilise the set of provided games, activities, and scenarios or they can fire their own imagination in order to create engaging activities for students. It served as one of key statements of purpose of the creation of our device and all Magic Carpet applications.
Summarising the report, we can conclude that computers at school do not help in learning. However, it is worthy introducing new technologies to schools, keeping in mind they should be in various and diverse forms. Following that, education of teachers is of great importance to make them use these amenities in a skilful way. Thus, the report encourages to utilize the technology in varied ways. One of the most effective forms of enhancing the education of children and teenagers is an interactive floor. Not only do student acquire knowledge and get a chance to verify it, but also they develop their skills of cooperation in a group or team. Thanks to an interactive floor, the students have the chance to vent their emotions, learning and having fun at the same time.