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Funtronic is a Polish company, which was established in 2014 as a start-up and dream come true. The company now operates in the EdTech industry and has become a globally recognized brand. The funfloor, interactive Magic Carpet flooring, has become an innovative and pioneering solution on the Polish market, which is becoming increasingly popular abroad. 

The interactive floor for children is used in most European countries, but our educational games and activities also assist the development of the youngest users in the United States, Arab countries and South Africa. Our company is constantly growing, looking for new distributors, thus entering new markets.

The Magic Carpet interactive floor used at schools and other educational institutions is a source of joy and physical activity combined with education. The teaching aids created for revalidation classes not only support the psychophysical development of children, but also develop their eye-motor coordination, motor skills, reaction speed and perceptiveness, as well as help train memory. They inspire and encourage movement, which is also great fun and a learning tool.

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