How do we deliver games?

Purchased a package or kit we download to your device remotely – via the Internet . If the device is not connected to the Internet Please contact us, we will explain how to do it.

The device with Internet access
The device without Internet access
You do not know if your device has Internet access
If your device has access to the Internet to update them remotely with a purchased game . We will call you to ask for the inclusion of the Magic Carpet and connect it to the Internet . After the game updates will be available on the menu.


If your device does not have access to the Internet, there are 2 possibilities:


If the device was purchased after 03/31/2015 you probably have Internet access . In such a situation we will send the Wi - Fi to connect the unit to the Internet. router  


If the device was purchased before 31/03/2015 , you probably do not have Internet access . In this case, we will send you a courier to bring the device to the site , where we will update them on the package purchased games and free equip module Wi - Fi . paczka  
If you are not sure if your device has the Wi - Fi call us for verification. dzwon