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These games will help children in preparing for the cycling license exam. These game pack features a few quiz games. They will test you on the knowledge regarding road traffic regulations.

Game list

Traffic rules

Are you able to ride your bike around the city safely? Check your knowledge of traffic regulations ... and win a football match! Answer quickly to each question and the ball will change direction or accelerate in the direction of your opponent's goal. The faster shooter wins! Game for 2 players or teams.


The issue is extremely demanding. You command a ship, however traffic regulations are in force and you are obliged to follow them. Test yourself ... and sink the ship of your opponent. Select the difficulty level, answer the questions correctly to hit the other ship. By answering the more difficult question, you are getting closer to winning. Your partner can help you out during your opponent’s shot by answering a bonus question. Game for 2-4 players or teams.

Carousel of questions

Are you able to move around on your bike fast and safely? If so, you will time of your life like on a merry-go-round! Check your knowledge prior to applying for a bicycle card examination.
Draw the topic and select the right answer to the question. The person who answers the highest number of questions correctly - wins. Game for 1-4 players or teams.

Road signs

A good driver is obliged to prove their reflex, perception, and great command of road signs. Will you manage to name every road sign you see? Game for 1 player or team.