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Edu Pre-school package is an innovative solution which stimulates the process of learning for children in pre-school age (3-6 years) based on new technologies and the Funtronic Method. The package is designed to fulfill the four fields of core curriculum for pre-school education: physical, social, emotional and cognitive fields. The package includes 16 interactive games, exercises and educational situations designed for activities involving the Funtronic Floor, as well as the description of their methodical background.

Game list


Do you know the animals in the forest? Get to know the animals living on a farm.
Have you ever seen them on a trip? Remember
not to make noise in the forest - it is the home of the animals

Summer and Winter

The children have lost their toys and clothes. Find them!
Watch out, they must be somewhere around. And did you ever
loose any of your toys?

Let’s play music

Play on random instruments. Can you name them? Can you play any instrument?
Do you like to play with music on?

Anne’s fruit

Catch the fruit falling in the orchard. Count how many
you caught!
What do you prefer - apples, pears or plums? Have you ever been
to an orchard?

Swimming tournament

Take part in a swimming tournament. A float will help you swim! Can you swim?

Games in a circle

Let’s dance together in a circle over a lake. Try to spin around the meadow. Step to the front and step to the back...

Water Gymnastics

Jump like frogs and roll the balls around on all fours. Watch out, do not fall into the water! Do you like gymnastics?

Teddy’s morning

Wake up Teddy and exercise with him! Before leaving to kindergarden check the weather and dress up Teddy! Do you dress up by yourself?


Roll your balls like bugs. Don’t run into the obstacles! Do not hurt your little friends. No need to hurry.


Swim across a river in a kayak. Try to be the kayak champion. Listen carefully to the voice of the bird. Be careful while playing on the water.

Annie and Johnny

Guess what do Annie and Johnny like. Which fruit and vegetables
do you like? What toys do you like?
Are you like Annie and Johnny?

March with the bear

March with the Bear, march by the Bear and follow his trail.
Listen carefully to the music!

Obstacle course

Beat the obstacle course on the meadow and the river.
Try to beat all the obstacles! Be careful and precise.

Animated toys

Play with toys together, move
the paws, teach him to jump!
Join your friends to play
with a bicycle or a fire engine. Remember to have fun together


Participate in car races. Maybe you will become the Grand Prix Funtronic Champion. Remember, teamwork is very important. Be careful on the track!


Play with different balls. Discover the rules of the game and create your own! Observe and play.