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A Fun I set contains games that provide fun and educate in a children-friendly manner. The set can be used to conduct didactic activities, keep-fit activities, speech therapy activities, to learn foreign languages, or just to have fun.  The Fun I set is dedicated for nurseries, kindergartens, primary schools, grades I-III, playrooms and common rooms, and other locations where children reside.

Game list

Bursting ballons

Burn off your energy and jump on the flying away balloons. There's too much air in them‚ help them to burst!

Happy board

Do not let the sad faces end the game. Work your magic to make all the sad faces happy again. The game is included in 'Emotions' kit.

Happy puzzle

Spread smiles all over the world, and the happy faces on the carpet. You win the game when there is no place left for the sad faces. The game is included in 'Emotions' kit.

Happy faces

Work your magic to make all the sad faces happy again. You win the game when there are only happy faces left. The game is included in 'Emotions' kit.

Colourful piano

Create your own melody from the sounds you choose stepping on the piano keys. Use the sounds to practice and play. The game is included in 'Emotions' kit.


Cross the water without getting your feet wet. It's enough to step on the display and feel like in the river or in the lake. Check if you can swim the breaststroke. The game is included in 'Emotions' kit.

Express yourself

The most important rule of this game is... there are no rules – the only limit is your imagination. Using your hands and your feet draw whatever you can think of. The game is included in 'Emotions' kit.


Count the flowers in the order appearing numbers from 1 to 9. To do it jump on the correct flower or stamp on it. The clock starts ticking, so concentrate!


Jump on the flowers in the order of appearing letters from A to Z. To do it jump on the correct flower or stamp on it. The clock starts ticking, so concentrate!


Become the butterfly and fly as long as you can. Often sit down on the flower to rest a bit and regain the power. Watch out for spiders! To start the game stand on the FEET icon. To fly up, wave your hand or leg over the ARROW icon. Game for 1 person.


Can you count backwards? Jump on the pebbles in the order of appearing numbers from 9 to 1. The clock starts ticking, so concentrate!


Brush the leaves aside using your hands or feet, just like children in the park do it in Autumn. Be careful! The naughty wind will try to blow them back, so ask others for help.

Bear and honey

Jump on any flower and collect as many honey pots as you can. Stay away from the bees because they also feel like eating honey. First come, first served!


Pick all the mushrooms that appear on your way, but be careful to not step on the hedgehog. He does't like it. Go along the path not to wake the owl because he will start hooting!

Forest path

Pick all the mushrooms that grow on your way, but do not step on the hedgehog, because he does't like it very much. Go along the path not to wake the owl because he will start hooting!


The woodcutter job requires a lot of power. Try to chop as many pieces of wood in 99 seconds. Game for 1 - 2 people.

The Elf

Collect together with the Elf as many presents as you can within 4 minutes.


Pick all the banana bunches before they fall on the ground. The monkey will be happy to help you. But hurry up since bananas keep falling faster and faster.

Seal and fishes

The seal looks very hungry. Help to feed him pointing to a fish swimming in the water. The seal will come and gobble it. But hurry up, the fish start swimming faster and faster.

Elephant and sugar

Collect all the sugar cubes jumping on them. Watch out for the elephant, he also likes sugar. When he eats a sugar cube, he takes a nap. Then you can win your sugar back.

Dino eggs

Catch all the eggs before they fall on the ground. You have a helper. Dino is ready to grab the eggs for you. Be careful! The eggs keep falling faster and faster!

Fruit basket

Collect fruits into the basket. Stand at the bottom of the board and using your hand or foot move the basket under the falling fruit. Two modes available.

Football – Game

Play the match of your life! You know the rules, so kick the ball in the chosen direction and score as many goals as you can.

Long jump

Be the champion of the long jump. Stand on START, wait for the signal and leap as far as you can. After a round of 5 jumps you can see the scores, each highlighted in a different colour, so jump with your friends.

Super tennis

Serve and hit the virtual tennis ball! To serve move your foot above the ball. In order to hit the ball move the racket in the desired direction using your foot or hand.


Knock down the pins using a ball or any other rounded object. When you choose a smaller ball you higher the difficulty level at the same time.

Super ball

Move your racket by hand or food bit up all the tiles appear on the board. Score most of all points in Tetris or Combo mode. Two modes available.


We invite you to boxing training. Be careful as the punching bag comes from left or right. Game for 1-2 people.

Trace tracker

Hunt animals following tracks they leave on the ground. If you are late, the tracks will disappear and you will have to start the game all over again.

Driving champion

Driving a car can be a real adventure. What counts is the patience and fast reactions. The goal is easy‚ go along the road and prevent collisions within the set time limit.


Jump on an instrument before it disappears to hear its sound. Two modes available: learn (instrument sounds) and check (match an instrument to its sound).

The mole

Stand on one side of the board and wave alternately your arms and legs left, right so fast to chease the mole to your neighbor yard. Game for 2 players.

Master Mind

Remember and repeat the sequence of images. Have fun!


Enjoy flying. Collect clouds but watch out for rotating propeller.  Game for 1 -2 people.


Follow the trail of the Vikings, rescue the castaway and collect all the treasure you find on your way. What counts more is patience not fast reaction time.


Visit the cave with the bat. Catch flying insects but watch out for stalactites and stalagmites. Game for 1 -2 people.


Can you recognize the shapes of the planets in the Solar System? Indicate the correct planet by jumping on it. Check the answer highlighted in the cockpit of the spacecraft.


Capture as many rockets going towards the planet as possible. Jump on them or wave your arm above them to stop the attack.


Defend your planet from the attack of monsters. Shoot them with rockets. Game for 1 person.

Mission to Mars

Fly to Mars. Watch out for obstacles and often refuel the spaceship so you do not run out of fuel. Game for 1 person.


Explore the cosmos with UFO man. Collect stars but avoid meteors. Game for 1-2 people.


Do you dream about flying to stars? Step into the board, close your eyes, wave your hands or feet and listen to. Multiplayer game.

Jellyfish run

Jellyfishes try to cross unnoticed to hide in the deep sea. Catch as many as you can by jumping on them or waving your hands over them.


Become the Pearlfinder and catch as many pearls as possible. Remember to breathe regularly and  watch out for sharks. Game for 1 person.

Pirate treasures

Driving submarine is not easy. Catch as many treasures sunk by the pirates as possible. Please navigate carefully so that you do not crash into underwater rocks. Game for 1-2 people.


Help the Angel to shoot down all hearts. Game for 1 person.


Shoot with a cannon to destroy the tower. Save the ammunition. Game for 1 person.


Shoot down all the red balloons, but do not destroy the blue ones. Game for 1 person.


Can you shoot the revolver well? Try to shoot down as many bottles as possible. Game for 1-2 people.

Pizza Master

Cut the right vegetables to make a delicious pizza. Have fun!


A crab is an excellent pearl eater and does not like to share. Try to collect more pearls than him.


Help a Samurai to slash as many tomatoes as possible. The game is intended for 1-2 players.