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This is a set of rehabilitation games. Due to therapy requirements, all the games of this set have more vivid colours, uniform and light background, and decreased number of objects moving on the screen. Moreover, all objects are of a bigger size, and the dynamics of the games is lowered. As a result, it makes games more accessible for reception and games prove to be an effective tool for therapy of children with special needs.

Game list


Cross the water without getting your feet wet. It's enough to step on the display and feel like in the river or in the lake. Check if you can swim the breaststroke.


Brush the leaves aside using your hands or feet, just like children in the park do it in Autumn. Be careful! The naughty wind will try to blow them back, so ask others for help.

Bursting ballons

Burn off your energy and jump on the flying away balloons. There's too much air in them‚ help them to burst!

Happy faces

Work your magic to make all the sad faces happy again. You win the game when there are only happy faces left.

Fishes II

The aim of the game is to catch as many colourful fish as possible. Two levels of difficulty are available.


Pick all the banana bunches before they fall on the ground. The monkey will be happy to help you. But hurry up since bananas keep falling faster and faster.

Falling eggs II

Catch all the eggs before they fall on the ground and break. Two levels of difficulty are available.

Digits II

Jump on the pebbles in the sequence they appear from 1 to 9. Two levels of difficulty are available.

Letters II

Jump on the pebbles in sequence as they appear from A to Z. Two levels of difficulty are available.

Trace tracker

Hunt animals following tracks they leave on the ground. If you are late, the tracks will disappear and you will have to start the game all over again.


Pick all the mushrooms that appear on your way, but be careful to not step on the hedgehog. He does't like it. Go along the path not to wake the owl because he will start hooting!

Elephant and sugar

Collect all the sugar cubes jumping on them. Watch out for the elephant, he also likes sugar. When he eats a sugar cube, he takes a nap. Then you can win your sugar back.

The Elf

Collect together with the Elf as many presents as you can within 4 minutes.

Bees and bear

Jump on any flower and collect as many honey pots as you can. Stay away from the bees because they also feel like eating honey. First come, first served!

Football – Game

Play the match of your life! You know the rules, so kick the ball in the chosen direction and score as many goals as you can.

Colourful piano

Create your own melody from the sounds you choose stepping on the piano keys. Use the sounds to practice and play.