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A set dedicated for seniors who want to remain physically, mentally, and socially active and fit as long as possible. Games can be displayed in either of two ways: a Funtronic Floor or a Magic Floor, depending on the preferences of the elderly people and their physical mobility. Games can be complementary to physical therapy for people suffering from senile dementia and Alzheimer’s disease is specialized centres.

Game list


Brush the leaves aside using your hands or feet, just like children in the park do it in Autumn. Be careful! The naughty wind will try to blow them back, so ask others for help.


Cross the water without getting your feet wet. It's enough to step on the display and feel like in the river or in the lake. Check if you can swim the breaststroke.


Dig for treasure buried in the sand. Be precise and patient and you will see many historical objects. To make the task easier use a brush or a broom.

Master Mind

Remember and repeat the sequence of images. Have fun!

Fruit basket

Collect fruits into the basket. Stand at the bottom of the board  and using your hand or foot move the basket under the falling fruit. Two modes available.

Pizza Master

Cut the right vegetables to make a delicious pizza. Have fun!


Can you recognize the shapes of the planets in the Solar System? Indicate the correct planet by jumping on it. Check the answer highlighted in the cockpit of the spacecraft.

Football – Game

Play the match of your life! You know the rules, so kick the ball in the chosen direction and score as many goals as you can.

Super tennis

Serve and hit the virtual tennis ball! To serve move your foot above the ball. In order to hit the ball move the racket in the desired direction using your foot or hand.


Knock down the pins using a ball or any other rounded object. When you choose a smaller ball you higher the difficulty level at the same time.

Super ball

Move your racket by hand or food bit up all the tiles appear on the board. Score most of all points in Tetris or Combo mode. Two modes available.


Sink the ship of your opponent. Answer the questions correctly to hit the other ship. Your partner can help you out during your opponent’s shot by answering a bonus question.


Draw the topic and select the right answer to the question. The person who answers the highest number of questions correctly - wins.


Think a bit and select the answer which best fits the information shown to you. The person who answers correctly to the highest number of associations - wins.


A crab is an excellent pearl eater and does not like to share. Try to collect more pearls than him.

Football – Quiz

Win a football match! Answer quickly to each question and the ball will
change direction or accelerate in the direction of your opponent's goal. The faster shooter wins!