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An ENG set contains games intended to learning English for children of preschool and early school levels. There are two sets available ENG I and ENG II.

Game list

English for fun

Have fun and learn English! Once you hear a word jump on the corresponding picture as quickly as possible. The next level of the game will allow you to gain points and check how many words you remember.

Merry go round

Vegetables, fruit, drinks and... Spin the wheel and select a category. When you hear an English word step on the corresponding picture. If your answer is correct, you will be able to choose another word.

Crazy alphabet

Step on a letter to hear the name of the corresponding picture. Check how many words you remember and if you recognize objects starting with a given letter.

Riddle mix

Check your reflexes and memory! Fill the basket with the falling objects. Remember their names in English and then test yourself on the next level and see how many of them you can recall.