Funtronic Board is the universal interactive whiteboard designed and manufactured in Poland. Teachers and engineers worked together to develop this modern solution affordable for every school.

Funtronic Board provides high quality, speed and freedom to “write” on a board which can be any flat surface. The user with an electronic pen “writes” on a board, a screen or a wall, exactly like, with chalk on a blackboard.

Free presentation software for interactive whiteboard is offered in two options:

  • Funtronic Tool for education, is designed to support teaching process in the school or kindergarten and recommended for every classroom and kinder education corner,
  • Funtronic Chart for business, is designed to support training, conference or business meeting and recommended for trainers and sales engineers.

The presentation software has many functions useful while driving the lesson or business meeting. It allows to create, edit and automatically store created screens in the form of notes (graphic files) ready to be printed or emailed after the lesson or meeting. It also allows to select the background (blank, graph, lined, 3-lined, stave), free writing on the screen, use curtain or magnifying.

Funtronic Board is an universal solution. It can be used both as:

  • stationary solution to be fix mounted in the classroom or training room or

  • portable solution which can be mobile equipment for trainer of salesman.

Optimum working conditions in the classroom ensures only stationary installation on the projector fix mounted under the ceiling. The manufacturer recommends such a solution in each school. Funtronic Board is operated by electronic pen or telescopic pointer. Product is designed by Polish engineers and is produced in Poland.

  • moduł optyczny (kamera),
  • 2 pióra elektroniczne z bateriami,
  • płyta instalacyjna CD wraz instrukcją obsługi i filmem instruktażowym,
  • oprogramowanie prezentacyjne do tablicy interaktywnej,
  • zestaw bezpłatnych treści edukacyjnych,
  • kabel USB (5 m),
  • podkładka antypoślizgowa.

Funtronic Board posiada 3 letnią gwarancję.

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