“Funtronic Floor is a great entertainment for children between 2 and 12 years old! What is important many kids play at the same time. Thanks to Funtronic Floor children learn while playing and release energy they have. A great advantage of the Funtronic Floor is a possibility to use normal objects to play like a brush in the „Leaves” application. It stimulates imagination and shows that you don’t need the latest trendy toys to have fun. It also shows that giving way to others is important in life. Applications are created for many players so children learn teamwork. It is very important nowadays when individuality and selfishness are widely promoted. Instructions for the games are very clear. Kids older than 3 years old can easily understand them. Sounds inform about successes or mistakes. Parents may take a breath and have time for themselves while kids play safely. Funtronic Floor fits not only in kindergardens, schools and playrooms but also it’s a great diversity in a shop with infant accessories. In “Słoń” we care not only for parents and little children, but also for grown up kids. We ensure some entertain for them when their parents do the shopping. Our play corner with Funtronic Floor is a surprise for them and an innovation. I highly recommend Funtronic products for children!”

~Lena Krekora “Słoń”