”My name is Anna Cichy and I am a teacher of elementary education in Primary School Batalion AK ”Barbara” in Lubaszowa. There is a Funtronic Floor installed in our kindergarten grade classroom. All the installation process was efficient and fast. A Funtronic Floor is much appreciated by children and parents. Not only do children of kindergarten grades use a Funtronic Floor, but also pupils of different grades of the primary school. They take an opportunity to have some fun. It serves as a reward for children and diversifies their classes. Thanks to a wide range of games, everybody can find an activity that is suitable for their interests, age, and skills. A Funtronic Floor stimulates physical activity of children and their natural curiosity. It develops several skills, like children’s motility, aural-visual coordination, orientation, and concentration. Children practise listening comprehension and proper execution of given instructions. Favourite and commonly chosen games are: Busting Balloons, A Long Jump, Super Tennis, Water, Archeology, Letters. Teachers and students consider having purchased a Funtronic Floor as a great decision.”

~Anna Cichy, Szkoła Podstawowa im. Batalionu AK „Barbara” w Lubaszowej