The Funtronic Floor in the rehabilitation of seniors

“Ageing is not an evil to which we have to be subdued, it’s a vocation to which we have to be able to respond.”

John Paul II


The Funtronic Floor is an interactive device for the activation of the elderly people. It encourages patients to be physically and mentally active, and also engages them in a team work. The equipment is intended for the rehabilitation in elderly care homes.

How does it work?

Interactive light animations displayed on the floor respond to palm and hand movements. Plays are very intuitive, they involve for example shoving aside autumn leaves or walk on the water. Seniors can also play football or tennis.

Elderly patients are usually inactive, apathetic and distancing themselves from society. Such a behavior gradually decreases their cognitive ability and also has a negative effect on their physical, mental and emotional shape.

The Funtronic Floor Fit package stimulates interaction and maintains player’s interest, which is extremely important in the therapy of elderly people.


The Funtronic floor is completely safe for use because of the lack of components that could pose a risk to people using interactive table such as mobile rails and mirrors or hanging cables.

The technological process bears an ISO 9001 mark. The Funtronic Floor has a 2-year or 4000-hours-of-work warranty whichever comes first.

Funtronic Floor in Care House