Funtronic Edu Package

Funtronic Edu package is intended for children in primary and middle schools. Funtronic Edu package is based on the Funtronic method which links learn with fun, introducing – so loved by children – gamification. Interactive games and applications are prepared both for primary school students (4-6 grades) as well as for students from middle schools. These resources are continuously being expanded, adapted to local requirements and translated into foreign languages.

The package Funtronic Edu are available in the following sets:


  • Football (quiz)
  • Ships (quiz)
  • Carousel questions (brain teaser)
  • Associations (brain teaser)


  • Football (quiz)
  • Ships (quiz)
  • Carousel questions (brain teaser)
  • Associations (brain teaser)


  • Football (quiz)
  • Ships (quiz)
  • Carousel questions (brain teaser)
  • Associations (brain teaser)



  • Football (quiz)
  • Ships (quiz)
  • Carousel questions (brain teaser)
  • Associations (brain teaser)



  • Football (quiz)
  • Ships (quiz)
  • Carousel questions (brain teaser)
  • Associations (brain teaser)


  • Football (quiz)
  • Ships (quiz)
  • Carousel questions (brain teaser)
  • Associations (brain teaser)


  • Football (quiz)
  • Ships (quiz)
  • Carousel questions (brain teaser)
  • Associations (brain teaser)

SET 8 – MIX (mixed topics)

  • Mind map

SET 9 – ENGLISH (surcharge)

  • English for fun (brain teaser)
  • Riddle Mix (quiz)
  • Merry go round (brain teaser)
  • Alphabet (brain teaser)

Funtronic Floor has a 2 year warranty.


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Renewed Funtronic Reh Package

Education engaging children with special needs.
All games have been developed with the support of Rehabilitation and Educational Care Facility of Blessed Caroline in Lędziny, thanks to which they serve educational and rehabilitative functions for children with different levels of disabilities.

In comparison to traditional games designed for a magic Carpet, these games have more vivid colours, homogenous and light backgrounds, and decreased number of moving objects. Moreover, all active elements of a game are slower, and the pace of the game has been reduced.

All introduced measures have made the games more accessible for children with special educational needs and they serve ideal supporting measures for teachers and facilities engaged in education and care of children with special needs.

All applications are available with two levels of difficulty and a player receives an explicit reward, like clapping or cheering, after successfully completing a task.

Some applications have also been designed vertically as to increase the duration of the game and movement of the objects on the Magic Carpet. Thanks to that, a child possesses more time to complete a challenge. Properly designed games are successfully used as the educational and rehabilitation tool in Experience-the-world Rooms stimulating the senses of all participants.

Recommended games and activities develop the following skills and perform the following functions:

– concentration skills and visual and motion concentration
– a correct execution of the provided instructions
– develop spatial imagination
– have a mellowing and relaxing function, also reducing tonicity
– stimulate to express positive emotions
– develops big motility using a diversity of motion exercises

Funtronic Rehab is a packet dedicated to rehabilitation and care centres, and educational institutions. We wish to invite all representatives of such facilities to create new applications and adjust present ones to their particular needs.

The package Funtronic Rew have the following sets:


  • Numbers
  • Letters
  • Trackers of tracks
  • Mushrooming

SET 2 

  • Banana land
  • Fishes
  • Falling eggs
  • Elephant and sugar


  • Elf
  • Bees and honey
  • Football
  • Water


  • Happy Faces
  • Leaves
  • Piano
  • Bursting Balloons

Funtronic Floor has a 2 year warranty.

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Funtronic Fun Package

Funtronic Fun package includes applications that entertain and teach in a natural and friendly way. It can be used to conduct classes, gymnastic, speech therapy, learning foreign languages or just for fun.

Funtronic Fun Package was created by the best Polish preschool and school methodologists. It is available, along with examples of lesson plans.

The Funtronic Fun package is dedicated for nurseries, kindergartens, 0-3 grades of primary schools, playrooms and other places where children play and spend their time.

W ramach pakietu Funtronic Fun dostępne są następujące zestawy:


  • Happy faces,
  • Face board,
  • Face puzzles.



  • Bursting balloons,
  • Leaves,
  • Colourful piano,
  • Water.



  • Banana land,
  • Seal and fish,
  • Smart Dino,
  • Elf.


  • Football,
  • Long jump,
  • Super tennis.


  • Elephant and sugar,
  • Bear and honey,
  • Vikings.


  • Trace tracker,
  • Flowers,
  • Letters,
  • Pebbles.


  • Mushrooming,
  • A Forest Path
  • Planets,
  • Archeology.


  • Express yourself,
  • A Skid Artist,
  • Rockets,
  • Bowling.

SET 9 (surcharge)

  • Instruments,
  • An Uninvited Guest,
  • Fruit,
  • Super Ball.

Magiczny Dywan posiada 2 lata gwarancji.

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Funtronic Floor is available in the following options:

  • Funtronic Floor with Fun Package (for nurseries, kindergartens and playgrounds)
  • Funtronic Floor with Edu Package (for schools)
  • Funtronic Floor with Reh Package (for therapeutic and rehabilitation activities)
  • Funtronic Floor with Funkod Package (programing for kindergartens and schools)
  • Funtronic Floor with Cycling License Package (for schools)
  • Funtronic Floor with English Package (for kindergartens and schools)
  • Funtronic Floor with Senior Fit Package (for adults and seniors)

A Funtronic Floor

Funtronic Floor is an unusual interactive education tool dedicated to education, exercises and motion games. Fun and learning with this interactive floor develop in children large motility, visual-motion coordination, perception and responsiveness.

funtronic floor

Just remote control and movements of the arms or legs is needed to operate Funtronic Floor. It is very easy to use and therefore it is so popular in every place where children are presence: nurseries, kindergartens, schools, playgrounds, therapeutic and rehabilitation centers, shooping centers.

Funtronic Floor is an integrated motion sensor system which includes a projector, computer and interactive floor.

Its functionality enables a wide range of applications in any room, on a light and smooth surface. The image displayed on the floor creates a virtual “Funtronic Floor”, where pre-school and school children are going through the great adventure, starting with games and motion activities till cognitive education from all areas of knowledge.

A child at play integrates into its course through the movement of hands or feet. The size of the displayed image depends on the height of the suspension of the device over the floor and is typically similar to a rectangle with the dimension of a 2 x 3 meters. The advantage of this unique on the market education tool is extraordinary easiness of use just with a remote control pilot – similar to handling the household TV.

Funtronic Floor was designed by Polish engineers and is produced in Poland.

  • built-in motion detection system,
  • built-in short throw projector,
  • built-in computer,
  • set of interactive games,
  • remote control,
  • USB, HDMI, LAN, Audio interfaces,
  • ceiling hanger,
  • power cord,
  • user manual.

Funtronic Floor has a 2 year warranty.


Versions of Product:

Funtronic Board

Funtronic Board is the universal interactive whiteboard designed and manufactured in Poland. Teachers and engineers worked together to develop this modern solution affordable for every school.

Funtronic Board provides high quality, speed and freedom to “write” on a board which can be any flat surface. The user with an electronic pen “writes” on a board, a screen or a wall, exactly like, with chalk on a blackboard.

Free presentation software for interactive whiteboard is offered in two options:

  • Funtronic Tool for education, is designed to support teaching process in the school or kindergarten and recommended for every classroom and kinder education corner,
  • Funtronic Chart for business, is designed to support training, conference or business meeting and recommended for trainers and sales engineers.

The presentation software has many functions useful while driving the lesson or business meeting. It allows to create, edit and automatically store created screens in the form of notes (graphic files) ready to be printed or emailed after the lesson or meeting. It also allows to select the background (blank, graph, lined, 3-lined, stave), free writing on the screen, use curtain or magnifying.

Funtronic Board is an universal solution. It can be used both as:

  • stationary solution to be fix mounted in the classroom or training room or

  • portable solution which can be mobile equipment for trainer of salesman.

Optimum working conditions in the classroom ensures only stationary installation on the projector fix mounted under the ceiling. The manufacturer recommends such a solution in each school. Funtronic Board is operated by electronic pen or telescopic pointer. Product is designed by Polish engineers and is produced in Poland.

  • optical module (camera),
  • 2 of the feather electronic with batteries,
  • installation plate CD along with the operating manual and the instructional film,
  • display software to the interactive board,
  • set of educational contents free of charge,
  • USB cable (5 m),
  • anti-skidding pad.

Funtronic Board has a 3 year warranty.

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