I Assembly
1. What conditions should the room meet in order for the device to work properly? 
The main advantage of the Magic Carpet is that it is suitable for most rooms. However, there are 2 factors that influence the quality of the displayed image and playability of games: 
- suitable base - preferably homogeneous, matt, smooth, anti-reflective surface (can be carpet, parquet, concrete)
- appropriate light level in the room - sunlight should be limited in the room - the darker the room the brighter (clearer) the image.
2. What is the size of the displayed image? 
Dimensions the displayed image depends on the height on which the device was mounted. The image is displayed in a 4:3 format and its longer edge is equal to the distance between the front of the device and the floor/table. 
3. What is the offset of the image displayed in relation to the mounted device? 
The image is displayed in a 4:3 format and the offset is shown in the image below: 
4. The displayed the image is blurred. How can I sharpen the image? 
During the production of Magic Carpet we ensure that each device is properly configured in terms of image sharpness. However, there are cases, for example because of transport or atypical mounting height, that the device may need to be reconfigured to improve image sharpness. This process involves adjusting the projector lens. Grab the lens ring with your fingers and gently turn left/right until the image is sharpened.

Important! Do not press the lens - this may reduce the size of the displayed image, and do not touch the lens directly with your fingers. 
5. How to connect the device to the Internet?
The Magic Carpet can be connected to the Internet using an Ethernet cable or a network adapter connected via a USB port (WiFi Router included in the set). To properly configure the network, go to the settings menu (mode button on the remote control), and then in the “network” option configure the settings accordingly. For more information, please refer to the user manual (link). 
II Use
1. What does the flashing red light mean?
The red LED (between the buttons) has three modes:  - LED on (continuous light) - it means that the device is in standby mode (connected to the power supply, turned off)  - LED flashing (pulsating light) - this mode occurs during the process of switching on the device - all components are started up properly (this process usually takes about 1 minute) and when the device is being switched off.  - LED off - this means that all components have been properly switched on and the device is ready to use. Important! The LED light may also be switched off when the whole device is disconnected from the mains. 
2. When can I disconnect the devicefrom the power source? 
The device can be safely disconnected from the power source at any time after it has been switched off (using the remote control or the red button) and after waiting the required amount of time for the lamp to cool down (usually 1.5 min - after that time you should hear a short double beep). 
Important! Disconnecting the device without waiting the required time may significantly affect the life of the lamp or even damage it. 

3. The magic carpet does not respond to movement in the main menu - what to do? 
It's possible that the “interactive menu” option has been deactivated - in order to activate it, enter the settings menu (mode button on the remote control) →System → Remote control operation only → deactivate. 
4. How to perform a software update using a USB flash drive? 
If you have bought an additional package and it’s on a flash drive, the update process should be as follows:   1.Switch off the unit,   2. Insert the USB flash drive into the USB port,   3. Turn on the Magic Carpet - the “Funtronic” logo will appear with a square box indicating the ongoing update. After a few minutes, the device should be updated.  4. When the game menu appears, remove the USB stick from the device. 
5. Information is displayed about burned out projector lamp - what to do? 
In times of intensive use of the projector information about burned out projector lamp may be displayed - it is then necessary to replace the lamp. To replace the lamp, please contact our technical service department directly.
6. Where can I find the serial number of the device? 
The device number can be found on the label located at the top of the unit, for example M12FA18E000000. In addition, the serial number is displayed in the top left corner of the setup menu. 
7. Why doesn't the remote control work? 
First check if you need to replace the batteries due to normal use. The remote control may also not work when the device is being switched on (when the red LED is flashing).
8. How often should the device be cleaned? 
Keeping the device clean can significantly improve image quality and playability of our games/applications. We recommend for the device to be cleaned from the outside (removing dust and dirt) at least once every six months and if there is already a lot of dust inside the device, specialised cleaning by our technical service is recommended. 

Technical assistance

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