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General Questions

Please fill out the contact form. Our sales partner will contact you with details regarding our products and pricing.

Due to various funding programs each facility can receive current pricing upon completion of contact form.

With the purchase of a device you will receive the EVO area and the “My Quizzes Package” in the EDU area. Other packages available in the REV, EDU and VIP areas can be purchased separately at any time.

Packages  can be ordered remotely. Please fill out the  contact form. Our sales partner will contact you with details regarding our products and pricing. The device can be updated remotely, an Internet connection is required.

If there are ways to finance the device, we will list it on our website.

In order to use the funtronic interactive floor you need a minimum of a 2 by 3 meter rectangular open area. The size of the space required is also dependent on the height of the ceiling on which the device is to be humg. Check the interactive area size table on the technical aspects tab.

Internet access enables remote updating and uploading of the purchased packages. To use the interactive floor, a permanent network connection is not required. However, without an internet connection, it will not be possible to create your own games through the "My Quizzes" Package or carrying out remote service actions. We therefore recommend connecting the device to a network during installation.

Classes can be conducted even in very numerous groups, but players will need to be rotated. The methodological materials attached to the packages will certainly make it easier for the teacher to organize activities with groups.

Yes, it is possible. Details of setting the schedule can be found in the attached user manual.

The interactive floor device, operating and assembly instructions, assembly kit, two remote controls, the Tronic mascot (available from selected partners), basic packages and selected software.

Yes this is possible with each of our sales partners. Please complete the contact form to receive an offer for this service.

No. Just plug it into a power outlet. It is also recommended to connect the device to the Internet (Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi) to access remote updates and personalisation of the software.

Yes, selected packages are also available for the previous version of the device. However, those produced after 2020 are no longer supported on the previous version of the Funtronic floor device. Please contact your reseller for a complete list of available packages.

In matters related to the service support or the warranty agreement, you can contact us via the contact form or by phone.


The interactive floor is by default adapted to most rooms. However, there are 2 factors that affect the quality of the displayed image and gameplay:

  • appropriate floor - preferably a homogeneous, matte, smooth and anti-reflective floor (e.g. light carpet, linoleum, carpet, parquet),
  • adequate lighting - limit access to sunlight - the darker the room, the brighter (clearer) the image.

The dimensions of the displayed image depend on the height on which the device is mounted. The recommended height is 2-4.5 m. The projected image format is 16:10. Check the interactive area size table on the Technical aspects tab.

Already at the stage of production of the funtronic interactive floor, we pay special attention to ensuring that each device is properly positioned in terms of image sharpness. However, there are cases where the device requires focusing (e.g. when it is suspended at an unusual height). This process is done by adjusting the projector lens. Take the lens ring with your fingers and gently twist it to the left or right until the image is sharpened. Attention! Do not press the lenses! This may affect the size of the displayed image. Direct contact of fingers with the glass should also be avoided.

The funtronic interactive floor can be connected to the Internet by connecting the LAN cable to the RJ-45 port on the top of the device or by using the built-in Wi-Fi wireless network card. We recommend connecting a permanent cable connection. To connect the device to the network via Wi-Fi card: enter device settings and select Wi-Fi settings option. Then select the required network from the "Available networks" list with the remote control or enter the name of the network, if it is a hidden network, then enter the password in the "Password" field (the virtual keyboard will appear) and finally confirm with the OK button. The network connection status is always shown in the lower right corner of the projected image.


On the front panel of the funtronic interactive floor there is a diode indicating the current status of the device in color:

  • The diode is off - the device is not connected to the power supply or turned off using the main switch.
  • Red - the device is in standby mode and ready to be turned on using the remote control. Flashing red means the device is turning off.
  • Green - the device is on but not connected to the Internet. Flashing green means that the device is turning on.
  • White - the device is on and connected to the Internet.
  • Blinking Yellow or Blinking Blue - There is a problem, please call for service.

The device can only be disconnected from the power supply after it has been turned off with the remote control. The device is properly turned off when you hear a double short beep and the LED on the panel turned red. Attention! Disconnecting the device without waiting an appropriate time may significantly affect the life of the lamp or lead to its damage.

The "interactive menu" option has been disabled in the device and the "remote control only" option has been enabled. To turn it off, enter the settings menu ("mode" button on the remote control) → operation only with the remote control → disabled.

After purchasing a new game package saved on a USB data carrier, an update should be carried out as follows:

a) Turn on the interactive floor and make sure that the device is connected to the Internet.

b) Insert the flash drive into the USB port. A text will appear to inform you that the update is progressing. After a few minutes, the device should be updated.

c) After the games menu appears, disconnect the storage medium from the device.

Extensive use of the projector may contribute to burnout of the projector lamp. An appropriate message will then be displayed. In this case, the lamp must be replaced. To do this, contact our service directly.

The device number can be found on the sticker at the top and on the side of the device.  The serial number is also displayed in the top left corner of the settings menu ("mode" button on the remote control).

First, check that the batteries do not need to be replaced due to their wear and tear. The remote may also not work while the device is starting up (when the red LED is blinking). Remember to point the remote control towards the device and not the floor.

The cleanliness of the device can significantly affect the quality of the displayed image and the smooth operation of games or applications. We recommend that the customer clean the outside of the device from dust and other dirt at least once every six months. If a significant amount of contamination has gotten inside, specialized cleaning and refreshing carried out by our service is recommended.

Games from all available packages can be marked with a star icon in the menu. In this way, they are automatically transferred to the Favourites Area, which is a separate catalogue that facilitates access to the selected items used during the classes.

Do you have any questions?

Write to us or call us (22) 610 02 30