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Meet the VIP area

Custom games and apps

The funtronic interactive floor is a unique device that opens up completely new opportunities for users to learn, play, revalidate and rehabilitate. Every year, we create new games and applications to make even better use of the interactive floor. Almost all are available in our unique packages – EVO, EDU and REV. We are very pleased to take up new, often unconventional challenges and are willing to engage in new cooperation and original projects. Their results are personalised games and applications developed to meet the special needs of our customers. The VIP area is a section reserved for the funtronic interactive floor users who loved our device so much that they decided to create brand new games, activities and educational tools with us. We’ve had a lot of great moments together, and we’ve also taken part in unforgettable events. Games developed for different companies, organisations, institutions and facilities are available today, and users can still access them by looking at the VIP area, which only appears on their devices.

we created



Does your company host a unique event and want to make the onevo floor a part of it?

Does your facility need special solutions that are not yet available in the evo, edu, and rev packages?

Do you need a special application that will attract crowds?

Or maybe you have an idea for an unconventional game for your pupils?

Contact our office or partner today and let us know what we can do together! *

*valuation of a personalised application depends on the purpose and details of the project

We have worked with:

Kaliski Town Hall

“Year of Tolerance” - In the United Arab Emirates

Euro Lider - Play Room

“Mom and Dad I prefer Water” Social Program - “Zywiec Zdrój”




Hafren Dyfrdwy

Museum of the History of Polish Jews

Museum of Romanticism in Opinogóra



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