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For Children

The funtronic interactive floor allows children to enter the world of science. An attractive form of learning through play makes education more effective. Children acquire knowledge through play that will be remembered for longer. Working with an interactive floor requires the involvement of all senses and physical movement of the entire body. Children learn abstract thinking, cause-effect thinking and spatial orientation. They develop hand-eye coordination, motor skills and imagination. The innovative device will make them gain new knowledge, train their memory, perceptiveness, dexterity and logical thinking, while remaining in constant motion!

Areas of packages:

For Teachers

For teachers and educators, the funtronic interactive floor is not only another teaching aid.  An integral part of the innovative system is a carefully developed methodology - working with the core curriculum and prepared with specialists in given fields, the lessons are at the highest level. The innovative device will allow for greater involvement among students and increase the effectiveness of their learning. Teachers and educators also receive a set of lesson plans, along with scenarios and worksheets. The device also offers the ability to customize your own content within selected games. The My Quizzes Package will allow you to create educational materials on your own, which can be easily edited on a special online platform. For demanding customers, we have prepared a Presentation Package in the VIP area, which allows you to insert your own presentations, films and educational materials.

Areas of packages:

For therapists and rehabilitation specialists

The device enables effective rehabilitation activities and supports therapy. Patients can face their issues in friendly and comfortable conditions. The therapists creativity and knowledge, combined with a carefully prepared lesson plan will allow for easier and more effective selection of exercises and diversification of their level of difficulty. This works on many stages of cooperation with young patients. The variety of applications will help to maintain attractiveness and freshness in the cycle of therapeutic activities. The funtronic interactive floor will allows patients develop at their own pace. Experts who have daily contact with patients who face emotional difficulties and have special educational needs worked on the prepared packages of applications.

Areas of packages:

For Parents

A happy and fulfilled child is the dream of every parent. The youngest are fascinated by technology, and part of their life takes place in a virtual world. Thanks to the funtronic interactive floor, children will go on an amazing journey that will allow them to learn and play in a completely different dimension. Augmented reality and games developed in cooperation with experts will take children to a safe and interesting world. The variety of available packges means that they will master the necessary math and language skills, as well as learn coding and ecology. Applications in the REV area co-created with therapists will help children struggling with learning difficulties or disabilities. funtronic interactive floor makes learning fun.

Areas of packages:

Family gathering areas

Interactive fun is also an intelligent form of entertainment and a great way to spend time actively for everyone! It is an excellent proposition for common rooms, playrooms, museums, cinemas, events, hotels, restaurants, indoor playgrounds and children's corners. In augmented reality, children experience unforgettable adventures that teach utilising play and provide a lot of joy and smiles. Who said that the funtronic interactive floor is a tool that was created exclusively for children? The Family package available in the REV area is the best proof that interactive games and fun are a great form of spending time, which adults will also appreciate. Bowling with grandma, guessing with grandpa or musical competition with parents on the interactive floor is an attractive pastime that connects generations!

Areas of packages:

For companies

As part of new, often unconventional challenges, we are engaging with companies to create original projects. They result in personalised games and applications created for our clients. The VIP area is a section reserved for funtronic interactive floor users, who liked our device so much that they decided to create with with our help completely new games and fun educational tools. Games created for the needs of various companies, organizations, and institutions are used by them frequently. Users utilise the customised and newly create games by checking the VIP area, which is displayed only on their devices. In addition, for the purposes of dynamic events, we have also created Packages of Personalised Games, which the client can edit via the website and create hundreds of games with their own graphic materials.

Areas of packages:



Primary schools

Other public or private education facilities

Language schools


Community centres

Cultural centers

Holiday resorts

Educational and rehabilitation facilities

Psychological and pedagogical counseling centers

Private houses
(for children requiring constant exercises)

Early Developmental Support Centres

Thematic events

Culture centers and places of family gatherings

Hotels and restaurants