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Meet the Favourites area

The area is available for free with each purchased device

Personalised list of Favourite games

In the basic version with the EVO package, the funtronic interactive floor means hundreds of memorable games, varied difficulty levels and a variety of game modes. Over time, children will have the chance to get to know all of them, but during some classes they won't be able to play each one of them. To meet the needs of teachers, carers, therapists and parents, we have created the Favourite area that allows you to quickly and conveniently build a list of the most frequently used applications. It’s perfect for those who conduct classes with children who want to optimise time and organise structure. Games from all available packages can be marked with a star in the menu. This way, they are automatically placed in the Favourite area, which constitutes a separate catalogue for easy access to selected items used in the classroom.

in one place

When should I use the Favourites area?

  • Thematic lessons
    Prepare a list of your favourite games and activate them on your device
    in a second without having to look for them in individual areas.
  • Events
    The funtronic interactive floor is one of the highlights of the event?
    Make sure your kids have access to a personalised list of games that best suit their event.
  • Children’s choice
    Let your kids mark their favourite games, from the huge library of titles available in the funtronic interactive floor.

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