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The first augmented reality projector that entertains, teaches and supports the rehabilitation process!

Over a million children around the world have already benefited from the solutions provided by the funtronic interactive floor.

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Thousands of possibilities

A wide range of applications for educational, rehabilitation and support purposes

Acquiring knowledge and development through movement, play and cooperation with others

A wide range of specialized resources to meet your needs

An intelligent form of entertainment for everyone

Methodological materials, worksheets, lesson plans for teachers

Thousands of applications and the constant development of new packages

Simple and intuitive use utilising movement and a remote control

Our mission

Our goal is to make sure that every child develops properly. We have created our funtronic interactive floor to get children out of their desks and away from their phones while providing them with exposure to technology.

The latest research confirms that raising the heart rate and oxygenating the blood through movement allows the brain to form more neural connections so the child concentrates better and is able to absorb knowledge more effectively.

Do you know that…?

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We have given out over 0millions smiles

See what our customers say about funtronic interactive floor!

  • “In order for magic to be seen and an ordinary strip of floor to become an interactive floor, you need a projector, a computer and a motion sensor. So simple, and so brilliant because it is not an ordinary toy. The funtronic  interactive floor is a therapeutic tool that levels the playing field. The device rehabilitates while having fun and the most important thing is that it teaches group work. It is so important, for example, for autistic children. The results are impressive."

    Filip Chajzer - journalist

    “The smiling faces of theses kids are the answer to the question in which direction should the development of technology go today. It is with great pride for me that Poles can be an example of how to put human innovation at the center of developing something new."

    Dr. Maciej Kawecki

  • “Both mentally impaired and intellectually normal children could take full advantage of the ‘Guess What I feel’ Package. The lessons were attractive, and the material adapted to students on the  autism spectrum - structured, making it easier to control the course of the lessons. The sound zone fully illustrates the proposed activity. The ability to adjust the sound is very important here."

    Teaching Staff from the Complex of Educational Institutions in Skarżysko-Kamienna (Poland)

  • “It is an unusual interactive teaching aid dedicated to exercises, games and movement. Playing and learning with the use of this interactive floor develops in children great motor skills, hand-eye coordination, perceptiveness, speed of reaction, and at the same time a lot of fun, laughter and joy."

    Teaching staff from primary educations school in Garzyn (Poland)

    “The funtronic interactive floor is very popular among children. It is completely new to them. It allows a whole group of children to play, compete and learn, which makes it very popular. It stimulates the imagination, integrates and allows playful babies to get rid of excess energy. Thanks to the variety of resources included with the funtronic interactive floor, it can be used in many different ways. The device works properly and meets our expectations. funtronic interactive floor is a great addition to the Play Room offer. We recommend it!"

    Play Room employee "Alladyn Pruszków"

  • "Classes conducted with the use of the funtronic interactive floor motivates users to take up physical activity and provide an opportunity to establish social interactions, develop motor skills, hand-eye coordination, perceptiveness, exercise memory and they also teach."

    Rehabilitation and Educational Center in Myślenice (Poland)

  • "Children have great adventures when using this device: they jump on stones, clean a park in autumn, splash in the interactive river, play football, tennis, learn about instruments, pick up emotional cues and much more."

    Kindergarten No. 2 in Szubin (Poland)

    “The funtronic interactive floor is a great tool for teachers. Classes are held in groups. Preschoolers like them very much. An undoubted advantage is that we use a motivational stimulus (interactive floor - modern technology is so attractive to children, especially ones that are on the autism spectrum). At the same time we make the games dependent on external factors (additional elements, other children) that allow us to support the child ‘here and now.’ - By not letting them work in isolation."

    The “Promyk Słońca” Foundation

  • “Everyone who works with children in the rehabilitation field knows that cooperation with the youngest is a real challenge. For me personally, rehabilitation of children must include an element of FUN. Therefore, it is necessary to look for mobilization to activate the youngest. Everyone knows that electronics is very important for young patients and following this idea I decided to combine electronics with rehabilitation. I have been working with disabled children for a long time, combining the funtronic interactive floor with physical activity. The equipment is also an extraordinary tool for physical education teachers, it motivates inactive children sitting in front of the TV or computer."

    Anna Czekiel - physiotherapist

  • “This is a unique, interactive teaching aid dedicated to exercises, games and movement. What are the benefits of playing with a funtronic  interactive floor?

    • develops gross motor skills in children;
    • has a positive effect on the interaction between children;
    • develops hand-eye coordination in kids;
    • has a positive effect on concentration, perceptiveness and reaction speed in children. 

    Such fun is also a form of rehabilitation, and it does not have to be boring and tedious! "

    “Kolorowy Świat” Foundation

    „We use the funtronic interactive floor in our daily work. The classes are also attended by children on the autism spectrum, in whom we place emphasis on building relationships, intentional communication and a shared field of attention with others. In children participating in the classes, we notice an improvement in social functioning and cognitive development.”

    “Promyk Słońca” Foundation

  • "The funtronic interactive floor is an unique educational aid, appreciated by our customers for innovation and the joy it gives to children who learn by playing."

    Aneta Wabnic, Vice President of the Moje Bambino Management Board

  • "The funtronic interactive floor is not only an interactive floor combining multimedia with physical activity, but above all an attractive teaching aid with a wide range of games, quizzes with arranged educational situations aimed at supporting the psychophysical development of a child, taking into account the core curriculum of preschool education and general education."

    Kindergarten No. 2 in Szubin

    “The children were engaged and curious. They willingly took part in the classes. They did not require additional motivation to participate. This is new and interesting hardware and software. Initially, I thought it might be complicated, but I quickly realized how intuitive everything is."

    Teaching staff from Educational Institutions in Skarżysko-Kamienna (Poland)

  • “The funtronic interactive floor is the first device in the world developed by Poles that uses a projector, computer and motion sensor to create an interactive floor! After activating the device, the floor becomes a therapeutic tool in one second! I had the opportunity to see how children play on it. How this magical world allows them to understand their emotions and build mutual relations." 

    Dr. Maciej Kawecki

    "Simple and clear instructions, friendly graphics, a wide range of packages adapted to different needs and possibilities of recipients: from sedentary games and physical games to cognitive education encouraging people who are reluctant to integrate."

    Rehabilitation, Educational Center in Myślenice (Poland)


The funtronic interactive floor is a device that meets world safety and quality standards, which have been confirmed by numerous certificates.

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Intel processor

Fast, efficient processor means you won't notice any delay in interactions with our games! Thanks to it, we can play the funtronic interactive floor in multi-person groups and still use precise motion detection and generate a response to this movement in real time.

High resolution

The high resolution of the image and its brightness allow the use of augmented reality in any facility! The Company Benq - thanks to many years of experience, created a projector lamp that works perfectly as an element of our interactive system.

Stereo sound

Our applications often use near or far surround sound, and games also require you to determine the direction of the sound you hear.

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