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Meet the EVO area

The area is available for free with each purchased device

The EVO area consists of exceptional games, which support learning processes and provide a lot of fun in a natural and child-friendly way. 100 carefully prepared titles can be divided into 3 main areas: entertainment, education and rehabilitation. There are also a lot of puzzle, sports and arcade games. Some of them are perfect for playing in pairs, while others offer unforgettable experiences during multiplayer games. Pupils participating in games will be able to improve their language skills, discover basic ecological rules or improve their mobility. Among the available games, there are also 4 exemplary quizzes testing general knowledge. They show the possibilities of mechanisms available to be edited in the MY QUIZZES package. Games can be personalised there, by introducing your own questions and answers through a special internet platform. The suggested activities will be perfect both in nurseries, kindergartens and schools, as well as playrooms, speech therapy rooms and therapeutic workshops. The funtronic interactive floor may be used during didactic activities performed in education facilities as well as during specialised therapeutic sessions.


unique games

Why is it worth choosing the funtronic interactive floor with the package of 100 games available as part of the EVO area?

  • Develops motor skills using a variety of physical exercises
  • Has a positive impact on interactions between children and prevents alienation
  • Combines fun and learning using the elements of competition
  • Maintains children’s attention on educational content
  • Contains a package of educational games and activities for kindergartens and primary schools
  • Teaches regularity
  • Supports children in achieving better learning results

You will also get five thematic lesson plans and as many as a hundred worksheets facilitating conducting unforgettable classes.

Explore the Area Packages

Here’s where the interactive adventure with the funtronic interactive floor begins!


Walk through water without getting wet. All you have to do is jump on the board to see what activities await you in a deep sea, a wild river or a picturesque lake. And most importantly, thanks to the modern technology offered by the onEVO floor, none of the participants will get wet! Just click on the ‘OK’ button on the remote control in order to change the background and learn all about the various reservoirs where the ‘Fish’ live.


Escaping jellyfish are trying to swim from the depths to the surface of the sea without being noticed. Catch as many as you can by jumping on them or waving your hands over them. How many points will you score in the limited game time? Will you manage to beat the record? Train your reflexes and discover the underwater world with the onEVO floor.


Whatever the season, conjure real autumn on the floor! Shovel the leaves using your hands and legs, discovering what is hidden behind the colourful carpet. Be careful! Tricky wind may make it harder for you. Fortunately, you can ask your friends to give you a hand.


Participate in an exceptional match! You certainly know the rules, so kick the ball in the chosen direction, looking for an opportunity to score a goal. The one who scores the most goals wins!


You don’t need a real racket to play tennis on the onEVO floor! Virtual serves and bounces will provide emotions and excitement. All you have to do is move your arm or leg in the proper place. Hitting the ball with a virtual racket will send it in the chosen direction, as if it was real!


You don’t need to be a piano virtuoso to enjoy music. Create unique melodies by tapping on the keyboard of the ‘Colourful piano’. Use its sounds for different games and activities.


Do you ever feel like lifting into the air and flying towards the stars? This game makes it possible! Together with other participants, enter the board, close your eyes, wave your arms

or legs and listen to the surrounding sounds!


Can you tell the difference between the planets of the Solar System? Which of them are bigger than the Earth? What are their colours? Transport yourself to the cockpit of a spaceship and discover the secrets of the universe. Select the right planet and find out if you were right.


An ant needs your help in collecting stocks for winter. Delicious fruits are waiting in labyrinths created out of stones. Find out how many you will get. Use arrows to direct the ant. Watch our for worms – they also have their eyes on fruits!


Castles built out of blocks are located on pointy rocks, belonging to two competing kingdoms. Be the leader of one of them and test your accuracy. Your task is to knock down the structure of your opponent using a special cannon. Whoever knocks down all of the opponent’s blocks first wins! ‘Two kingdoms’ is a game intended for 2 players.

Set of unique games and activities for children, which foster their motor development.


Dive into the sky and fly among the clouds. Unleash your energy and jump on the escaping balloons. Pop as many as you can!


Building a tower out of blocks is a great fun, but destroying it can be equally enjoyable. Especially when we can do it with a ‘Cannon’! Aim at the tower and take a good shot. Make sure to knock down all of the blocks!


All children love sweets, but we need to eat them in moderation. Fortunately, in the ‘Candy’ game, they’re devoured by a red dot, which is not afraid of a stomach ache or caries. Beat the record by collecting the biggest number of sweets randomly placed on the board. Game intended for 1, 2 or 4 players.


Travel to space to save your planet from the incoming rockets! Collect as many ships as possible, which are trying to get through your airspace. To interrupt their flight, all you have to do is jump on them or wave your hand over them.


Transport yourself to Japan and become a real karate master. Visit a training room located at the foot of the mount Fuji and show your reflexes, agility and focus. If you focus well, you will

be able to break as many as 50 boards without a problem!


An experienced blacksmith can work very quickly. What do you think, how many horseshoes will you be able to forge in 30 seconds? Horses can’t wait for you to finish! Remember, however, to be careful and make all your moves attentively. The hammer cannot hit an empty anvil!


Who doesn’t like a delicious pizza with a huge amount of pulling cheese? Preparing it doesn’t have to be difficult. All you have to do is choose the right ingredients, cut them and carefully put them on the base. Compose your own pizza according to the instructions and see for yourself how much fun is waiting for you in the kitchen!


Embark on an exciting journey to the inside of the ‘Crystal cave’. There are multicolour diamonds waiting for you inside. In order to get them, you need to move the board in the right way. Avoid obstacles and grow your crystal collection.


In order to play ‘Billards’ on the onEVO floor, you don’t need cues and a huge table covered in green felt. Playing on the floor can prove to be equally exciting! Show your accuracy and try to pot all of the red balls in the pockets using a blue ball. Remember, however, that the number of hits is limited. You only have 10 moves to win the game!


Transport yourself to a green golf course and check your accuracy. What do you think, how many hits do you need to lead the ball to the hole? The fewer moves you make, the more points you get! Game intended for 1 player.

Set of unique games and activities for children, which foster their motor development.


Embark on an unforgettable space journey. Fly through galaxies as you take on the role of captain of a battleship. Destroy asteroids standing in your way and collect special protective bubbles, which will allow you to survive more collisions. Check how long you can keep the ship in one piece.

Moon walk

A walk on the moon is an unforgettable experience. However, you need to remember that gravity works completely differently there! Jumping over obstacles under reduced gravity requires the students to use appropriate force. See if you will be able to get all of the precious crystals despite the obstacles! Game intended for 1 or 2 players.

Misson to Mars

Manned missions to Mars are now possible with the onEVO floor. See for yourself how long you will be able to last during the flight towards the Red Planet. Watch out for obstacles and don’t forget to regularly refuel your ship. Unless you want to run out of rocket fuel! Remember also to pick up astronauts who appear on your way. Game intended for 1 player.


Discover the secrets of the underwater world. Collect treasure from the bottom of the sea and bring it to the ship, avoiding jellyfish which appear on your way. By marching in place and following the indicated arrows, you will make the diver go underwater. However, remember to come up over the waves every now and then to take a breath. Game intended for 1 player.


Three musketeers are surely good in cutting fruits, but the hero of this game has to act alone and that is why he needs your help! Grab the sword and use it to reach the biggest number of oranges! Will you be able to last in focus and cut the fruits without getting dirty?


You don’t have to wait for the winter to come in order to enjoy playing in the snow. Ride the sled 10 times, avoiding the obstacles that appear on the way. Watch our for protruding tree trunks and stones!


In order to play on magic drums, you don’t need sticks or a snare. You make the rhythm by throwing colourful balls onto the board from a special bottle. With them you will be able to compose your own musical pieces and gain tens of points. Look attentively what’s happing on the board. Perceptive players will easily discover the way to gain additional points.


Dive into a tropical jungle where trees full of ripe fruits are waiting for you. Catch all of the banana leaves before they fall on the ground. In case of troubles, you can always count on the help of a happy monkey which loves to play with kids. But you have to hurry, because the bananas are falling faster and faster!


Miller needs your help! His baked goods need to get to all of the hungry customers. Make sure that the fresh bread is in bags, which are scattered over the meadow. Use the arrows to move the arms of the windmill. It’s thanks to them that the bread loaves will be safely placed in the bags.


Sea turtles love when children accompany them while playing. Embark on an unforgettable journey across the sea and discover the secrets of the underwater world. Help the turtle catch all of the air bubbles. Watch out for corals! The game becomes even more exciting when two players are involved!

Set of unique games and activities for children, which foster their motor development.


Small termites need help in safely reaching the end of a tunnel dug into some wood. Use the arrows at the corners of the board to rotate the entire labyrinth in the right direction. Will you be able to guide 20 larvae termites to the target? The parents of the little ones will be very grateful!

Mars rover

Another space rover has landed on Mars. The researchers who sent it there need your help in operating it. Take part in the Mars mission and discover the secrets of the Red Planet. Direct the robot arm and collect as many crystals for research as possible.

Collect coins

This game requires patience, reflexes and attention. Moving using arrows, you need to collect 50 coins. However, it won’t be easy. During the game, you need watch out for obstacles and fading light. When it goes dark, run to the light bulb to light up the board again. Make sure to watch our for obstacles!

Pearl catchers

There are many treasures on a sandy beach. Jump on the chosen shell to see what’s hidden inside. When searching for pearls, avoid crawling crabs that also like small round trinkets. The first, the better, there is only one ‘pearl hunter’ king!


The fluffy creatures love cookies. Help them collect as many delights as possible by pushing them up slightly. However, be careful. There are also spiky bushes on the board. You can’t let the creatures get stung!


Target shooting is a great fun. Reach out for a virtual slingshot and hit all of the cans placed on the board. Do you think you can take 12 clear shots? Jars of water may confuse you and make the task more difficult. You cannot break them!


Feel like a real sniper! Grab a virtual rifle and take 12 clear shots at clay plates. Will you be able to get them all out of the way on the first pass?


A hungry hippo needs your help. Many tasty snacks await him in the water, but only movements of your hands can help the animal reach them. Watch out for butterflies that sit on the leaves. Just a moment of inattentiveness is enough to make colourful insects fall into the mouth of the hippo.


Spitter is a magical bird that spits colourful balls from its beak. They are eaten by red creatures which you can find on the board. Use 12 shots to hit the balls right into the hungry mouths. Remember, sometimes it pays to wait patiently for the perfect moment! Shooting in the direction of a closed mouth will make you lose your chance to feed the creature.

Get the cake

In this game, targeting the cake with a fork is not as easy as it seems. The sweets are not waiting on the table ready to be eaten. Instead, they quickly drift on flying plates. Aim for the moving cakes with a fork and catch as many as you can! The game has 2 difficulty levels.

Set of unique games and activities for children, which foster their motor development.


A manipulator is a very precise device that you operate using a special lever. Your goal is to place the red ball on the fork. To do this, you need to properly position the four-part arm. Each joint is marked with a different colour. Select which arm module you want to operate, and then pull the right levers. Take your time and plan your movements well. Good luck!


A catapult is an ancient war machine that allows you to shoot projectiles over long distances. In this game, you will use it to knock clay pots off the stairs of a high tower. Estimate the distance, choose the right moment and shoot. Remember that you can only use five balls to knock down all of the pots!


Transport yourself to the ancient kingdom of the Indian people who thousands of years ago lived in South America. Become a real explorer and collect all of the gold statues present on the board. To do this, rotate the pyramid using arrows. Watch out for a vigilant guard who protects the treasures from intruders!


The construction site is very messy. The pallets were spread over the board and someone needs to help with putting them in the right places. Become the operator of a forklift and arrange the building materials according to the right key. Remember that you have a limited time, so you need to hurry!


Bowling is a game that brings generations together and provides an unforgettable experience regardless of age. Invite your friends, parents and grandparents to play. Organise a joint tournament and see who is the best at throwing a ball. The one who knocks down the most pins wins. Remember: you have only 4 attempts in each game!


Discover the magic of colours and shapes by creating fantastic designs just like in a real kaleidoscope. Challenge yourself or invite others to play with you. Do you think you can stay still to stop a unique pattern created in a kaleidoscope?


A big fire has broken out on a tropical island. Its inhabitants can count on the help of a whale. A stream of water ejected from its hump will act as a sprinkler. Help the animal put the fire out. However, remember that you have a limited time and need to act quickly!


This small dwarf wearing a sombrero loves eating pizza. Help him collect all of the pieces that are scattered across the board. Watch out for the prickly cactuses! Gently wave your hands to guide the dwarf to the target, while avoiding all obstacles!


The seeds of fruits and vegetables need fertiliser to grow properly. In this game, you deliver it with a special cannon. Try to reach as many seeds as possible with the fertilizer balls. If your shots are inaccurate, the life bar will be reduced. Fortunately, there will also be some boost points among the seeds to help you earn more points.

Fire truck

The fire engine sets out to fight fires. Your job will be to put them out. Put out as many fires as possible over a given period of time. Remember that the water resources of the truck are limited. Add special capsules to put out even more fires!

set of games recommended for the youngest.

Elephant and sugar

Jump on sugar cubes to collect them all! Watch out for the elephant that really likes them. When the animal eats a sugar cube, it will feel sleepy and go for a short nap. Then you can get your sweets back!

Seal and fishes

The seal is very hungry today. Luckily, you can help feed it. All you have to do is show it right place to go fishing. Remember that you have to hurry! The current is getting faster, which makes feeding much more difficult.

Fruit basket

Make sure that all smiling fruits are placed in the basket. In order to do this, move your hands and legs. Move the basket in the right direction not to miss any apples, strawberries, grapefruits or peaches. The game has 2 difficulty levels.


The most important rule of the game is… no rules! In ‘Painting’, you’re restricted only by your own imagination. Use your hands and legs to transfer everything you’re thinking about onto a virtual canvas. Develop your creativity and play with art without any limits!


Depending on how you position the swing, the ball will roll in a specific direction. Move it in such a way as to collect as many flowers as possible. Watch out for snow flakes falling from the sky! The ball can’t stand the cold! As the game progresses, the difficulty level will increase. How many flowers do you think you can collect?


The frog loves spending its free time jumping on green leaves. Help it get as far as possible! Jump from one leaf to another and beat the record. An arrow on the board indicates the strength of the bounce. Wait patiently for the perfect moment and then take the jump. I wonder if you can get to the shore...


Bees love drinking sweet nectar from the flowers. Thanks to this, they not only satisfy their hunger but also pollinate other plants. That is why they’re so useful! In this game, you can help bees collect pollen from the inside of the flowers. By waving your hands, you’ll make the insects fly! Watch out for spiders and spider webs during the game!


The penguin got stuck on a small ice floe that’s drifting on the water. Help the animal to maintain balance for as long as possible! Control the floe so that the penguin doesn’t fall into the water. It will become increasingly difficult over time, but you can try to improve your score and beat a new record every time!

Dino eggs

A clumsy pterodactyl loses eggs that fall when it’s flying. You have to catch them all before they fall on the ground. Luckily, you have an assistant who will be happy to do this task for you. A clever Dino will quickly run to the indicated place to catch the lost eggs. Remember that you have to hurry. The eggs fall faster and faster!


The whole family of lemurs is swinging happily on a vine, waiting for their dream meal. The animals love fruits, and fortunately there are plenty of them in the jungle. Feed the mum and the young ones using the right tail movements. What do you think is the fruit they like the most?

Educational games, which help children discover the mysteries of digits, alphabet, zoology, emotions and music.

Trace tracker

Track animals by following the tracks they leave on the board. However, remember that you need to react quickly! If you’re late, the tracks will disappear and you will have to start over. Be alert and you will see which animal left the tracks behind!


Pointing to a chosen instrument, you can check what sound it makes. However, you have to hurry. Individual instruments quickly disappear from the screen, so your reflexes matter! The game has 2 modes of play: Discover and Test yourself. The first one lets you familiarise yourself with the sound of musical instruments. You will be able to use your knowledge in the second mode, where the ability to recognise sounds matters.


Pick the mushrooms which appear on the path as quickly as possible. Be careful not to deviate from the route and not to step onto a hedgehog which will eat the delicacies you have picked. If you do, you will need to refill your harvest.

Forest path

Pick the mushrooms which appear on the path. However, remember that some of them may be poisonous and have to be strictly avoided! Be careful not to step on a hedgehog while mushroom picking.

Happy board

Let the fun last forever! Don’t let sad and unhappy faces stop the game. Change all of the faces that aren’t smiling!

Happy puzzle

Fill the onEVO floor with smiles that will give good energy to the whole world! Wave your hand or stomp your foot on a happy face to keep in on the board. You’ll win when there is no room for sad faces on the floor.

Happy faces

Change all bad and sad faces and make them happy again. Wave your hand or stomp your feet on a happy face to cheer it up. You will win when you can see only smiling faces on the board.


Transport yourself to a fairytale meadow full of spring colours. Count all of the flowers in the order of the digits appearing on the board – from 1 to 9. All you have to do is jump on the right field or stomp your feet on the plant. Remember that you’re playing for time, so it’s important to focus!


The fairytale meadow is not only about learning digits. In the next game, you have to jump on flowers in the order of the appearing letters – from A to Z. All you have to do is jump on the right field or stomp your feet on the plant. Here, you also have to remember about the passing game time!


Can you count backwards? You can practice this skill in the ‘Pebbles’ game. Jump on the colourful fields in the order of appearing digits – this time from 9 to 1. To mark a stone, jump on it or wave your hand over it. Remember that the task has to be performed within a specified time!

Around the world

The last game in the Early education package is available in… English! This allows you to learn new words by finding pairs of matching places. ‘Around the world’ is also a great virtual journey around the world!

The majority of games created for the funtronic interactive floor allow children to play in multiplayer mode, however these are especially recommended for 2 or 4 players!


Become a crane operator and see how difficult it is to coordinate its movements! It’s a very precise device that you can operate on your own or ask someone to help. When selecting team work, each player receives one task – either controlling the crane up-down or moving it from right to left. The goal of the game is to load a truck in the shortest time possible.

The mole

A mole living underground doesn’t like when someone makes noise above its head. Your task will be to chase away an animal to the neighbour’s field, through loud stomping. Stand in front of one another at the two ends of the board and start a duel. Jump on the designated fields as fast as you can. The one who lets the mole reach him first loses.


Collecting stamps is an interesting hobby. Become a collector and see how quickly you can get a unique series of 10 pieces. You and your opponent have to control characters that collect stamps scattered over the board. Watch for crashes! The first one who collects 10 stamps wins.

Aces of the skies

Take part in an epic battle and sit at the controls of a biplane equipped with a special paint gun. Feel like the best pilot by taking part in a paintball duel. Reach your opponent with yellow paint, avoiding his colourful bullets. And if your plane is hit with paint, fly through a raincloud and wash your machine. The player whose life bar falls to zero loses!


In the ‘Paintball’ game on the onEVO floor, it’s not enough to take a clean hit with a virtual paint ball. You need a lot more of them. Your task is to completely change the colour of your opponent. Only then will you win!


A small pass between two islands is a paradise for sharks who like to warm up in shallower waters. Your task is to chase them towards the opposite beach. ‘Sharks’ is a game for 2 or 4 players competing in teams. Wave your hands or legs in the designated area to chase the sharks away from the middle of the screen. If the sharks settle on your shore, you lose!


Fruit eaters eat special fruits matching their colours. Your task will be to feed the selected creature with specific delicacies. Get the correct number of the right fruits to earn enough points and win. Game intended for 4 players.


Show your accuracy and precision. Become the king of shooters just like Robin Hood! Each player will sit at the top of one of 4 towers, where huge crossbows are placed. Your task will be to shoot 10 apples as quickly as possible. The first one to do it wins. Game intended for 4 players.


‘Satellites’ is a game for 4 players, which will take you into outer space while learning perception, reflexes and good timing. Your task will be to launch rockets at the right moment. The one who first reaches the enemy’s satellite wins.


‘Chameleons’ is a 4-player game in which you have to feed your colourful animals. Each player stands in one corner of the board. From there you shoot with the agile tongues of the reptiles in the direction of the flies. The first one to catch 10 insects wins! However, watch out for beetles. Chameleons are apparently not fond of them, because catching them makes you lose points!

Score goals

Score goals is a game for 2 players or 2 pairs. Play an unforgettable football match in which… there are no goals! To score points, shoot as many balls as possible from the coloured cannons. A goal is scored every time the ball passes through the opponent’s half. It’s all about speed, perceptiveness and cleverness. And if you play in pairs – cooperation too!


Rebound is a colourful and dynamic game for 4 people. Special cannons are placed in the corners of the game board. Each one is marked with its own colour. Stand behind them and try to deflect the balls so they hit your opponents. The player who manages to do this the most times wins!

A set including single-player games, which can be played on a table or the floor, in a vertical orientation.


Collect diamonds by controlling your jumper with your hand, or by walking on the board to the right or left. Plan each jump precisely! One wrong move can make Tronic fall into the abyss! When each player finishes their round, compare the results and see who has won the most diamonds!


It’s probably the biggest flipper you will ever play on. Take part in the cult game where you bounce the ball using two moving pallets. Earn as many points as possible with only 4 balls at your disposal. When each player finishes their round, compare the results and see who did the best!

Cosmic waste

You’re not allowed to litter anywhere, even in space! Become the guardian of order of our galaxy. Fly to space and collect all of the trash on your way. Avoid collisions and search for additional ammunition to help you achieve better results! Give an example not only to the Earthmen – let the entire universe know what to do with litter!

Water pistol

Popping balloons is great fun. Especially if you can do this with a water gun that will keep your clothes dry, no matter how long the fun lasts. Shoot in the direction of approaching balloons and don’t let them leave the board. Beat new records and compete with your friends!


‘Robot’ is a game in which you can create your own rules. Move around the screen and create characters of different colours and shapes. Check if you can stay still in order to take a closer look at the selected robot. Invite your friends to play! You can think of different tasks for yourselves (for example, ‘stop at the red robot’). Note that transformation takes place only when the battery bar is illuminated in green.


Driving a car requires vigilance and quick reactions. Take part in a rally and experience unforgettable emotions by skilfully avoiding stones and driving through the designated lane. The goal is simple – safely drive as far away as possible, collecting flags and avoiding obstacles. Focus on the board and finish the race with the best score!


Ladybirds love fresh fruit. However, they don’t really like the croissants that were scattered on the board. Help the insects eat as much fruit as possible, while avoiding obstacles that make the task more difficult!

Super ball

Take part in a fun game that you definitely know from your favourite computer games. To move the paddle in the desired direction, simply move your hand or foot. The aim of the game is to break all of the tiles present on the board. You can earn points in different game modes: Tetris and Combo. The game has 2 difficulty levels.

Caring for the environment is an important element of education. These games provide an excellent introduction to learning the rules of ecology.


You have 150 seconds to sort out the waste that has fallen out of the waste bins. Each object can be picked up with a virtual hand by moving your own hands. Individual bits of waste have to be placed in suitable containers. Plastic goes in the yellow bin, glass in the green one, and paper in the blue one. The black container is for the remaining waste.


We all try to keep our planet clean. In ‘Eco-patrol’, you play the role of environmentalists who remove debris from seas, lakes, rivers and oceans. Steer the pontoon in such a way as to catch as many bottles from the water as possible. If you manage to get the control of the propeller, you will gain additional speed. When collecting trash, watch out for sharp stones that can damage the pontoon!


Buoys are a type of signposts for ships. After years of drifting on the surface of the water, many of them become damaged and enter the depths of the sea. Your task will be to catch the destroyed buoys. A special bathyscaphe will help you with this task. See how many buoys you can catch from the sea. If you see a symbol of scissors, quickly jump on it to cut the rope. This is a bonus that will give you extra points!


The pelican loves to eat fish. You will lead it to them by following the arrows. However, be careful not to confuse the fish with plastic bottles, which are unfortunately present in the seas and oceans. You have 130 seconds to feed the bird. How much fish do you think you will catch?

Wind energy

There has been an accident at the wind power plant, which you need to repair as soon as possible. Sit at the controls of an airplane that will take off on a rescue mission! To restart the damaged fans, you need to fly through them. Avoid toxic clouds during your sky stunts. You cannot fly into them! Do you think you will manage to restart 30 fans and avoid the obstacles?

4 developed quiz mechanisms testing general knowledge.

Carousel of questions

The wheel shape has different coloured fields which hide questions. Draw one of them and then indicate the correct answer. If you succeed, you will get a point. Remember that not only knowledge but also time counts in the ‘Carousel of questions’!

  • Number of players / teams: 2 or 4
  • Exemplary thematic scope of questions: nature, mathematics, Polish language, history, music, art, chemistry, biology, physics, geography, English language
  • Form: quiz
  • Number of rounds: 6
  • Single game time: from 5 to 15 minutes
  • Game features: motor, tournament, educational, concentration


Unlike traditional battleship, it’s not about wit and strategy, but about knowledge of the players! To shoot towards your opponent, read the question and indicate the correct answer. The player defending against the attack can use the help of his partner who has the chance to save the ship. All he has to do is answer an additional question. You can choose the difficulty level for each round. Correct answers to more difficult questions will help you win faster!

  • Number of players / teams: 2 or 4
  • Exemplary thematic scope of questions: nature, mathematics, Polish language, history, music, art, chemistry, biology, physics, geography, English language
  • Form: quiz
  • Number of rounds: multiple
  • Single game time: from 5 to 15 minutes
  • Game features: motor, tournament, educational, concentration

Football – quiz

Win a football match during which not only quick reflexes but also knowledge is important! Every correct answer to the question can change the direction of the ball. In the same way, you can also send the ball towards the opposite goal. The quicker the player gives correct answers, the bigger the chance to win! Remember: whoever is first wins!

  • Number of players / teams: 2
  • Exemplary thematic scope of questions: nature, mathematics, Polish language, history, music, art, chemistry, biology, physics, geography
  • Form: quiz
  • Number of rounds: 10-19
  • Single game time: from 5 to 15 minutes


Play ‘Associations’ and discover the method of learning and effective memorising. Read the three passwords and choose the fourth one that best suits them. Look for dependencies and think about what can combine the words or sentences you select. The person who correctly identifies the biggest number of correct associations wins.

  • Number of players / teams: 1-4
  • Exemplary thematic scope of questions: nature, mathematics, Polish language, history, music, art, chemistry, biology, physics, geography
  • Form: riddle
  • Number of rounds: 6
  • Single game time: from 5 to 15 minutes
  • Game features: motor, educational, concentration

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