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The latest research confirms that raising the heart rate and oxygenating the blood through movement allows the brain to form more neural connections so the child concentrates better and is able to absorb knowledge more effectively.

We have created our onEVO interactive floor to get children out of their desks and away from their phones while providing them with exposure to technology. We combine learning with play and move physical therapy to a completely new, unknown level.

By using augmented reality, kids complete tasks which appear on a real floor, carpet, table or any other surface. They are present in the classroom with body and mind and can use real items to play games. The virtual world does not offer such opportunities to children who are isolated from each other. Interaction between participants is limited and activities are static, taking place with a click of a mouse or a touch of a finger or a special stylus on the screen. The onEVO interactive floor provides the users with movement, gets them involved and teaches cooperation, allowing them to interact with cutting-edge technology in the real world.

Our goal is to make sure that every child develops properly. Generations brought up in the age of computers being just everywhere crave technological innovation, and they can hardly be blamed. We do not want to foster total digital exclusion because it is technology that will accompany children for the rest of their lives. However, we do know that children should be introduced to this world
in a well thought-out, safe and controlled way.

The onEVO interactive floor makes lessons dynamic and more attractive because new technology encourages children to act and arouses their curiosity. We have transferred all the classic movement games accompanying our classes into the world of augmented reality. With interactivity, children are more enthusiastic and more precise in their exercises (especially in the case of repetitive exercises, e.g. those strengthening their skeletal muscles or improving their fitness). Additionally, our apps allow activities to be organized in a way that encourages children to solve logical puzzles together and makes them interact more closely with their peers while acquiring knowledge in a given area.

Physical therapy packages have been prepared by specialist facilities or experienced physiotherapists, psychologists and physiotherapists. Apps of this kind support executive functions, correcting the gait, movement therapy, working with emotions and effective dyslexia treatment of dyslexia. Properly designed games provide support for children with autism and various psycho-kinetic difficulties. The varied levels of difficulty in the games allow work to be effectively individualized. Students who need more time to learn a topic can work on it at their own pace. At the same time, hyperactive children who get bored with lessons have access to additional challenges to strengthen their grasp of the discussed material.

Effective work with the onEVO interactive floor is possible during different lessons and during additional improvement or therapeutic activities. The methodological support included in the packages in the form of worksheets, class scenarios and picture stories supports work with the device.

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